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Adoption #3 Process
We will soon be starting our third domestic infant adoption!

_ ask for application
_ submit formal application
_ paperwork/self studies
_ medical exams
_ home visit
_ approval as a waiting family
_ design and submit profile
_ selection by agency for birthmother
_ placement of child
_ get Order Terminating Rights date
_ OTR hearing for birthparents
_ 21-day legal appeal period
_ sign petition for adoption
_ visits at 3 & 6 mo. after OTR
_ confirmation hearing


My Journey
Adoption Complete! Thinking About Another
Thursday, Nov. 05, 2009 @ 12:11 a.m.

I've been meaning to update for a long time, but I just never get around to it!

Things are going great. We had C's adoption confirmation in court on July 9. A couple weeks ago she had her first birthday and started walking. C is a sweet baby and is developing quite a personality. She is quite different from her sister. M, her big sister, was much more laid-back as an infant and also was (and still is) a picky eater. C is the opposite.

Today I completed the last thing I had to do relating to C's adoption. I went to the Social Security office and applied for her card. I was glad I brought along C's immunization record, because they needed it. They never asked for it with M, but I read somewhere recently that SS offices sometimes asked for medical records. The SS guy told me he needed medical records to confirm that C is still living. Interesting.

As far as I know C's birthmom is doing well. I hope to get an update letter and photos sent to her in the next couple weeks. I saw the birthparent counselor (K) last month when I was dropping off my 11 month update. She told me that C's birthmother, J, had recently moved and had left her with a phone number to call to get her new mailing address. K had tried to call the number. The first time she got no answer. She had tried again the day I saw K, and a guy had answered, so she left a message with him.

When K does get a hold of J, she's going to ask her how often she wants updates from me in the future. A year ago we made a plan for me to send out updates through the agency once a month for the first year. I did this with M's birthmother as well the first year. After that we were going to reassess to see what J wanted. I told K that I would send out the 12 month update in November, then I would send out another one in December for Christmas (since I send out Christmas cards and letters at that time anyway). After that I didn't know. So far I haven't heard anything from K, hopefully I will soon. When I write J I always let her know we are thinking of her and her kids and welcome her to write me back. I think in my 10 month update I told her to let us know if she wanted another visit so her kids could meet C. I haven't heard anything from J since we met her in February. I wish she would have some contact with us, but it's beyond my control.

We plan to get started on our third domestic infant adoption soon. We wanted to wait until after C's first birthday. Now that it's over, I need to get started. I just keep forgetting to call. With C's birthday celebration, and then Halloween, I got too busy. Maybe tomorrow...if I remember! Adoption #3 is so different from our first adoption when all I did was think adoption, baby, adoption, baby, etc. I'm not really ready for another child yet, but my husband and I want to get started as soon as we can in case we have another two year wait. If it does take as long as C's adoption, we won't have baby #3 until spring, 2012. That seems like a long ways away! I could be close to 37 by then. Wow!!

I've been continuing to follow M's birthfamily from afar by looking at their MySpace pages. Her birthmom's sister is pregnant, due in the spring. Her daughter is M's age and is in preschool. She and her boyfriend had a rough time for a while, but seem to be back together at the moment. I often think about writing her, but I just don't think it's appropriate.

I've also discovered a page for M's birthmom's brother. He has moved a few states away, and I believe his father (M's birth grandfather)is living there as well.

M's birthfather's wife is back with her husband after a time of separation. She appears to have custody of her sister's twin girls. She really wants to have a baby, but hasn't been able to get pregnant.

Both of these young women have now made their photos private, but I am still able to see some thumbnails. It amazes me what people put out in public for the world to see. It's made me much more aware of what I put out there. You never know who may be watching you!


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